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Mofos mobile

Mofos mobile
93 Perfect
Primary Category: Mega Site
Available desktop version - Mofos Network


Content Quality 18 / 20
Amount of Content 20 / 20
Updates 15 / 15
Site Design and navigation 14 / 15
Originality 11 / 15
Extras 15 / 15
Other Review Rating n/a / 10 (0 sites)
Users Rating 10 / 10 (2 users)

Review 2011-12-03

About site

The mobile version of Mofos Network is the site that gets it all out there for you – straight on the front page, giving you all the information that you might only be interested in. Hundreds of scenes, hundreds of babes, almost a dozen of HD sites – in case all of these promises are true, Mofos will be a real must-see for mobile porn surfers! And, frankly, I’m even more than just likely to believe those promises. See, I have reviewed the big desktop-oriented Mofos some time before and I was totally stunned by it, so… Here I expect the same, only on a smaller screen.

Free tour

What I really liked about the mobile Mofos straight from the start was the listing of this site’s content categories exposed straight on the main page. Damn, Mofos appears to be a very, very diverse one – the listing of categories looks virtually endless here. Looks like you can get anything you can dream of here from anal porn to voyeur action. Jeez, that’s a lot of stuff. Wonder if it’s actually big and diverse enough to make a shot at satisfying absolutely everyone.

Amount of Content

Mofos mobile is a top-notch one, that’s without a doubt. What made me feel this way straight from the start is the listing of models and… Well, their looks! You know, when you see such babes as Jynx Maze, Madelyn Monroe, Charity Bangs and the like in action, you just fall for them and crave seeing them as often as possible. Simply because they are beyond amazing. And there’s a lot of them too – 316 top-notch ladies featured in as many as 882 scenes! I actually have a strong feeling that the model listing here is not full. Mofos is very likely to be staffed by more ladies that didn’t make it to the Our Girls page for some reason.

Content Quality

When you are at, you can enjoy 640x368p at 697Kbps videos tailored to fit your mobile device’s screen perfectly well. However, just like I have already said – when you need some of that HD stuff that will look awesome even on your computer, you just go to the main Mofos site, sign in and… Get it off to True HD 1080p movies and 1000x671Px pictures. Feels like heaven, word.


The situation with the updates is rather ambiguous here. You see, site doesn’t really contain any mentioning of dates when this or that scene was added into its Members area. Only that “Updated 8 times a week” thing on the front page. But don’t fret – it doesn’t mean that it’s not getting updated any longer. I actually decided to dive a bit deeper and checked the desktop- oriented Mofos out. Yeah, 8 weekly updates were there and, since they correspond to the mobile one’s at least partially (the mobile site actually seems to have the scenes that the big site doesn’t have yet), I can assume that everything is alright with the updates here.


Yeah, baby, right. When you buy access to the mobile version of Mofos, you also get the membership at the PC-oriented site thrown in for free – and vice versa. Done traveling and are ready to enjoy some top-class porn on your desktop computer? Here you go – just log in to the big site with the same username and password you used to access the mobile site and… That’s it! By the way, if you want porn by the ton, you can also resort to Mofos’ little cobranding offer. At a flat one-time fee of around $70 you will be able to purchase LIFETIME (!!!) access to either Brazzers, Wicked or Twisty’s porn networks. That will only work while you keep your Mofos account active though but… It’s still worth it, I suppose. Oh, and there are also 30+ additional bonus porn sites included into your membership with no extra charges. Some of them totally rock!


Okay, homie, looks like it’s high time you pimped that mobile device of yours with some of the best porn flicks imaginable – with a chance of further expansion to your PC. Try the reviewed adult site – it is good.

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